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2013, june 19 - Dev Update

Ice effectContinuing the long journey toward content management, now spells are kindly managed by the content editor. I also created a new spell, Touch of Frost, which you can admire in the thumbnail :).

So keeping going on...


2013, may 30 - Content editor

Content EditorSo the Content Editor is moving its first steps, and here I explain a bit of how it works the write down / read up routine.

Beware! For poors programmers only :)



2013, may 28 - New dev diary post...

Data files... in which I talk about the next steps toward 0.3 version of the Lair, data management.

I also would like to thank all of you who grew the visitor counter: that little number means a lot for me!

Stay tuned for updates!

2013, may 18 - 0.2 Released!

Beltham's Lair 0.2 0.2 version of the Lair has been released.
New version includes:

  • A new theme: Catacomb
  • 2 dungeon levels
  • New monsters and items
  • New visual effects (spells and environment)
  • Load/Save game (game is autosaved when you reach a new dungeon level)
Hope you like it.

2013, april 30 - Working on 0.2

Beltham's Lair 0.2 0.1 is out by less than a week, and I'm very proud of the hundreds of visits the site has collected. Your interest and support is the main fuel to make me sit again and coding 0.2 version.

Well, there will be a lot of new things, starting from a whole new theme: catacombs! Yes, time is coming to face some creepy undead guys.

I have planned about 15 main points as roadmap to 0.2, and I'm pretty sure I can deal with them in about one month.

Here is a screenshot of how the catacomb theme appears, enjoy!

2013, april 25 - Beltham's Lair 0.1 Released!

Beltham's Lair released So this is the day: Beltham's Lair is free to download! Version 0.1 features:
  • 1 procedural generated dungeon level
  • 1 theme: vermin
  • 4 monsters, each with uniques traits
  • 10 items to search for and collect
  • magic and melee combat
As every roguelike, you'll find BL very easy to play, but hard to master!

2013, april 12 - The Lair is officially on IndieDB!

Beltham's Lair

So, great news, Beltam's Lair is officially on IndieDB.

This is a great opportunity to make the title know by a lot of players and, maybe, actually played too.

As RedPill Games I have a dedicated page too, so it seems this hobbyist project is going to become something more... real, which is something really really amazing!

2013, april 11 - Into the Lair!

No, this is not the announcement of the 0.1 release, but this will happen really soon. In the meantime you can enjoy the Beltam's Lair homepage, where you'll find nice stuff about the game.


2013, april 04 - Beltham's Lair near to alpha release

So, like a said, I'm working on this new 3D roguelike project, Beltham's Lair, a classless RPG in which you have to descend the many levels of the dungeon in which the demon Beltham lives, find him and get rid of his horned face.

Beltham's Lair screenshot

0.1 alpha release was planned for march as montly entry of OneGameAMonth, but, you know, I failed at this attempt. I hope to keep that schedule for april.

In 0.1 you will be able to explore the first level of the procedural dungeon. I hope to be able to add a couple of dungeon themes (I have one atm). Dungeon themes will be topic for a future entry of the dev-blog maybe.

Up to now I have the combat system working, with both melee and magic attacks (Shocking Grasp spell, in memory of the good old days) and a lot of management gui. Dungeon generation is pretty nice, but it lacks of furnitures I will add later.

So, enough words, and this game will not code itself.

2013, march 27 - So we're online...

Hi guys, I'm online with this brand new minimalist and almost empty site. This is where you'll find my games, all in one place. Sure, they still be available on newsground, mochimedia and the others, but I'd like to have a single, central site to own them all.

But, there's another good reason under the decision to run this site, and the reason is PC games.

Yeah, the Holy Grail of videogames. I'm working on one of those monsters, a 3D roguelike, and you'll soon have the chance to grab a copy of the 0.1 release.

Where? Well... I think it's clear now :)


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