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Beltham's Lair: Into the Lair...

Hi! This is the official page of Beltham's Lair, a 3D single-player roguelike.

This page will soon show a link to download the 0.3 version, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can download and play 0.2 version.

Here are some other contents you can enjoy about the game:

  • Bestiary: a complete list of all the bad guys you will face in game;
  • Skills: all the skills explained, with the rules used to raise their level;
  • Dev-blog: since not entirely related to the game, the dev blog may contains some interesting posts showing the development process;

About the game

download: v0.2 zip (4.5MB) - Windows
current version: 0.2
release date: 2013-05-18
genre: roguelike
theme: fantasy

Latest screenshots: