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About a classless RPG design

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(2013, april 04) Character progression is the foundation of even the simplest RPG game. Approaching this topic in Beltham's Lair I choosed for a classless design.

Classless means there are no fighters, wizards, rogues and so on. Instead of all of these guys player plays the role of The Hero. Well, he is not that hero at all in the beginning, but he can draw a sword and cast a simple spell the same way. Yes, he can do everything just from the beginning. But he sucks at almost all.

The mechanics are based on the skill rather than on the class. At the moment I designed very few of them:

  • Melee
  • Dodge
  • Spellcast
  • Use magic devices

which are pretty self-explanatory. So, you can say, it's all about put points on these skills, points that The Hero gains by killing stuff and so on.

Well... no.

There's no such a thing like experience points. Like in Bethesda's Morrowind, you raise your skill points by actually using that skill. So, with this in mind, I consider there's no need of the old class concept. There's no a predefined progression. If player wants to play his hero like a wizard, he will starts to cast spells, increasing his Spellcast skill in order to have a chance to cast high level spells. It's up to him, not to me.

After all, programmers are lazy :)

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