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Beltham's Lair Content Editor, First Steps

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(2013, may 30) As I said, I moved my efforts on the development of a content editor to manage (create, edit, delete) various contents for Beltham's Lair.

Well, a couple of days are passed away, and I have the first version of the editor ready and working. Up to now, it is able to manage potions.

How it works?

Pretty simple: a .NET windows form lets you handle the data and then save to file. These files can then be loaded in a second time to continue the work.

I choosed a binary format for the data file, since .NET has a bunch of friendly class to deal with binary data. Here is, for example, how I write an integer value:

FileStream fs = File.Create(filename);
byte[] buffer= System.BitConverter.GetBytes(intValue);
int size = buffer.Length;
fs.Write(buffer, 0, size);

The real code is all a bit more refactored, obviously, having some nice functions to retrieve the buffer byte array from primitive data, so that I really write something like this:

fs.Write(GetBytes(intValue, out size), 0, size);

When it comes to deserialize, the process is quite similar, using the Read method of FileStream class.

Strings, as usual, are a bit more complicated, since I have to write the length of the string before, and then the actual string, so that at deserialize time I am able to know how many bytes I have to read to rebuild the right string data.

Well, nothing too overwhelming, for sure, and probably this post is full of obviusness, but that's all.

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