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Data management in the Lair

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(2013, may 28) I'm going toward version 0.3 of the Lair, and things start to grow in complexity. In 0.1 I had a handful of items and monsters, and it all was good. Next, in 0.2, those items and monsters have grown in number. Now, for 0.3, I would like to add a lot of new things of course, but the old model one class for one item starts to become unsuitable.

It's time to move all these definition from classes to files. Data files.

I like the concept, and I know I would have done better to implement immediately, but I think that, after all, I was right to do so. Let me explain.

When I was working on 0.1 my main concern was to make the actual game mechanics: handle the 3D context, generate the dungeon level, render the room on the screen, moving the character, do the collisions, make the camera behavior and so on.

Lot of work, really!

At the time, having only a rat and a dagger was not only not a problem, was a pro.

The less, the better.

Now things are changed a little bit: I have a working game, with fixed mechanics, and I'm starting to have some nice guys who actually downloaded the game and, I suppose, play it. Now it's time to add serious contents, and now I have to implements a better way to do the job.

So, data files.
I plan to use binary files and make a .NET windows form app to manage them, creating items, monsters, spells... some kind of content editor. Maybe I'll post an article on it at the right time.

So, now you have a glue on what I'll be committed to in the next month. Version 0.3 will have a new theme either, and will add a third level to the Lair.

But Beltham's rooms are still quite far!

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